Independant walks

Ravello, Positano , Atrani, and all of the towns along the coast are within easy reach. When in Amalfi we advise you to visit not only the main square,the Cathedral and its museum and cloister but also the paper museum and the emerald grotto.

Wander around the lanes in the historic centre of Amalfi and in July, September and at Christmas take part in Amalfi By Night when you can enjoy a tour by local people in traditional dress.

Walks in Amalfi

History in our region begins with the assumption that roads did not exist. Everything came and went by sea. The Barbarians, the population that invaded Italy after the fall of the Roman Empire, remained inland and ignored the coast where maritime trade and commerce was developing. Roads were non-existent and it seemed that the only wheels to be used were the water mills.

The few narrow roadways which exist today only date back 150 years. There are however several pathways and stairways which have stood the test of time and which provided essential connections to nearby towns up until a few decades ago. You can admire spectacular panoramas from them and still see traces of the past. They offer a realistic insight into the local culture and wonderful views of the lemon and olive groves, the houses and farms, of the land, the mountains and the sea.