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Nature, art, history and tradition can all be found in the Amalfi Coast.

Tourism was born in this part of the world thanks to the neoclassic travellers who came to discover the beauty of the Italian landscape between 700 and 800. In 1800 Amalfi was one of the most sought-after destinations. Tourists came to spend the winter here and to enjoy the particularly mild climate. Today the Amalfi Coast is lively all year round and high season starts at Easter and ends in October. Amalfi boasts several historical hotels and a well established reputation for hospitality.

Among some of the more famous guests to have stayed in Amalfi are San Francesco and Goethe, Ibsen and Quasimodo, the Kennedy’s and Gore Vidal.
The most important events of the year in Amalfi

Faith and tradition merge on the Amalfi Coast giving life to many celebrations which take place throughout the year. It is common for all of the towns along the coast to celebrate their patron Saint’s day twice a year. (4 times in Minori). Tourist events run one after another which means that there are celebrations taking place all year round.

At Christmas time for example celebrations are plentiful. They begin on 8 December and end on 6 January. There are exhibitions of art and cribs, processions, a midnight star on 24 December (made of fireworks), and an underwater pilgrimage in the Emerald Grotto. On New Year’s Eve there are celebrations in the square in Amalfi with processions of folk-groups, a firework show at midnight and music, singing and dancing until dawn. Processions take place again the following day in the main square with traditional song and dance and best wishes for the new year to all the tourists and residents.

Religious processions take place in the week running up to Easter starting with the via Crucis on Easter Thursday. On Good Friday there is the procession of the “Battenti” who accompany the body of Christ to the sepulchre by torch light. This procession takes place in silence, broken only by the singing of the choir. (Music and lyrics written by Antonio Tirabassi from Amalfi 1882-1947).

Try not to miss the charming processions at sea on St. Antonio on 13 June, the Madonna della Neve from Conca dei Marini which takes place in Amalfi on 5 August, the celebrations for St Andrew on 27 of June and 30 November in Amalfi and S. Maria Maddalena on 22 July in Atrani.

The historical regatta of the four ancient marine republics , Amalfi, Pisa, Genova and Pisa, takes place every four years on the first Sunday in June.

With the “Tales of the territory” program it is possible to participate in walks to rediscover the old alleys of the city; and on the 1 September every year you can take part in the Byzantine New Year which celebrates the splendour of the ancient juridical traditions of the Republic of Amalfi.

In summer there is a wide range of festivities to choose from.