Hotel la Bussola

— Booking conditions —

There are many busy seasons throughout the year in Amalfi and on the Coast so it is always a good idea to book in advance. You can book a room by making a simple telephone call and our booking service will give you all of the necessary information to perfect and confirm your booking.

Here are our general booking conditions:

  1. Booking by credit card
    We will ask for your credit card details (the card number, expiry date and name of the cardholder). We accept Visa or Mastercard – No American Express. At this point no charge will be made to your card. The cost of the first night will only be charged to your credit card if you fail to cancel your booking within 15 days prior to your arrival date. Your credit card details will not be filed on computer and will be deleted upon your departure.
  2. Booking by deposit
    When making a booking we ask for a deposit as confirmation. This can be sent by postal order to:
    Hotel La Bussola
    Lungomare dei Cavalieri, 16
    84011, Amalfi (SA)
    Alternatively you can leave a cash deposit to cover the first night of your booking. This will then be detracted from the final bill.

Cancellation fees for bookings made with deposits are as follows:

  • If you cancel your booking 16 days prior your date of arrival, your deposit will be refunded in full. You will only be charged for any eventual bank or postal fees.
  • If you cancel your booking 15 days prior to arrival your deposit is non refundable.

We do not advise you to send a deposit via a bank wire transfer as this cannot be refunded if you then wish to cancel your booking.