Hotel la Bussola


(FR)« Dans ce paysage, incompréhensible, seulement la mer est horizontale, et tout ce que la terre est presque perpendiculaire » (EN)«In this incomprehensible landscape only the sea is horizontal, and all that is land is almost perpendicular »
(Astolphe de Custine)

Whoever arrives in Positano along a curvy road that runs along a rock face full of Mediterranean vegetation.

Suddenly, there is an unforgettable vision between the myth and the dream: Positano. Along this particularly road that winds inside, you will come across narrow and articulated alleys, by steps that overlook picturesque views and breathtaking, made of terraced gardens of lemons and colored spots of bougainvillea.

White houses hanging to the rocks, terraces flowered with geraniums and daisies taking place until the middle of the country up to the beach, from which Positano looks like a pyramid of houses that climb into the sky.

This picturesque and fashionable tourist center is accessible from Amalfi by boat, by bus or by car.